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API Catalog

Confirmation Of Payee

  • Global Banking
Provides the client name associated to a client account, the BIC, and the list of currencies associated to the account.. This service will be used by SisID.
In progress

Cash Account Services

  • Global Banking
Cash Account Services provides an intermediation API to Payments Engines (and associated) for accounting and associated (customer risk, internal account management,…). Services included are :
Account(s) validation : Provides Core Banking account identifier, account status and associated information (Names, Addresses, …) for given account(s)
Transaction authorisation : Does the same than account validation with additional feature of Earmarking management: Funds reservation (debit & credit), Earmark Cancellation
Transaction booking : executes the account management for given transaction
Generic request : Provides services not related to the payment lifecycle
In progress

Payment Initiation

  • Global Banking
Initiate one or multiple payments, in JSON or XML format, with the ability to sign the body to pre-authorize the submitted payments.
Query the Payment status
In progress

Supply Chain

  • Global Banking
The Supply Chain API enables customers and third party platforms to access digitally the BNP Paribas working capital global solutions to finance their supply chain.

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