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Account Information - Corporate Services1.6.0

Value Proposition

Using the Account Information API, you can securely and instantly retrieve information pertaining to the BNP Paribas customer’s bank accounts.


What can be retrieved via the Account Information API?

This API provides one service today (others to come):

  • Account balances: obtain comprehensive account balance information at booking date and at value date, including or excluding intraday movements, and this for one or several accounts

The Account Information request can be initiated directly from a business sytem (ERP, TMS, App, Website), in an automated way or on demand.

Key features

The Account Information API enables to request and obtain account balance information instantly:

  • At booking date: booked balance and available balance
  • At value date: balance with and without intraday movements

Use cases

Instantly verify account balances in order to make the right cash management decisions: 

  • Determine if there are sufficient funds on an account prior to making a transaction
  • Protect yourself against overdraft and non NSF fees by having visibilty into available funds before requesting a transfer
  • Pre-fund your accounts thanks to insight balances
  • Alternative to integration of intraday reporting in TMS to obtain available balance

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