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API Platform

Access points to send traffic to BNPP CIB api platform

BNPP CIB API platform is available at the following access points:

Customers and partners accessing BNPP CIB APIs

UrlsServer CertificateExpires FormatApril 23, 2025 FormatJanuary 31, 2025 FormatApril 23, 2025 FormatDecember 13, 2024

EU TPP accessing PSD2 APIs with a QWAC issued by a QTSP

UrlsServer CertificateExpires Format, P7B FormatMarch 22, 2026 as first section above 

UK TPP accessing PSD2 API with an OBWAC issued by OBIE

UrlsServer CertificateExpires FormatP7B FormatJuly 30, 2023 as first section above 


Traffic from BNPP CIB API Platform

BNPP CIB API Platform is generating traffic for third-parties with signed JWT. Each third-party receiving JWT must check
1) it has been signed by CIB API Platform using the public key bellow,
2) the JWT did not expire,
3) the audience contains their URL.

  • traffic from staging
    • API Platform public key: CRT Format (expire February 07, 2024)
  • traffic from sandbox
    • API Platform public key: CRT Format (expire February 07, 2024)
  • traffic from production
    • API Platform public key: CRT Format (expire February 07, 2024)


Alternatively, mTLS can be used in some scenarios when BNPP CIB API Platform authenticate to a third-party API using a client certificate. The client certificates used are:

  • traffic from staging
  • traffic from sandbox
  • traffic from production

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