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Cash Account Information – Securities Services

API Status: Live
  • Securities Services
Information on client cash accounts opened through BNP Paribas Securities Services. In addition to general data, it provides balances, statements & operations

Value proposition

The Cash Account Information API allows you to both securely and instantly access and retrieve information from your cash accounts at BNP Paribas Securities services, whenever you need it.

It provides comprehensive account balance information at booking date and/or at value date, including or excluding intraday movements. This can be done for one or several accounts at a time.

You can enrich the data collected via the API with additional from sources from your own internal applications.

Key features

What can be retrieved via the Cash Account Information API?

This API provides the following services as of today (more to come):

  • Cash accounts general information (single account and multiple);
  • Cash balances including accounting balance, instant/intraday Balance and value-date balance (single account and multiple);
  • Cash transactions (single accountand multiple);

Use cases

Instantly optimise your treasury management by:

  • Verifying account balances in order to make investment decisions;
  • Protecting yourself against overdrafts;
  • Facilitating your reconciliation by extracting transactions and balances at specific date.

About us

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