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Supply Chain

API Status: Live
  • Global Banking

Welcome to the Supply Chain API!
You can find below how to manage all supply chain financing events such as facility availability check, invoices submission for financing request and settlement request submission. The API also allows you to inquire on a real time basis the status of your payments and settlements.

Value proposition

BNP Paribas’ state-of-the-art Connexis Supply Chain platform seeks to drive working capital efficiencies by helping clients manage their accounts payable and receivables process, remittance advising and reconciliation, and facilitate communication across the buyer/supplier network.

The Supply Chain API plugs into the Connexis Supply Chain plaftorm to leverage the full power and simplicity of BNP Paribas' capabilities in any of the 60+ supported countries.

Key features

The Supply Chain API allows an API consumer to:

  • Query the current utilization and availability of the credit line
  • Submit invoices / funding requests for BNP Paribas to finance
  • Submit remittance details information when repaying BNP Paribas to expedite the settlement process
  • Inquire on a real-time basis about the status of the payables, receivables and funding requests in order to update and reconcile the information accordingly into the consumer's systems
Use cases

While the Supply Chain API can be used in many ways to provide value added services to BNP Paribas' customers and their counterparties, the main high level use cases around which the Supply Chain API was designed are:

  • A Buyer corporate or a Supplier corporate aiming at managing their Supply Chain Finance facility directly from their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system without any human interaction with BNP Paribas' Connexis Supply Chain platform
  • A financial technology platform interested in empowering their solution with BNP Paribas' financing capabilities to offer a combined solution to BNP Paribas' customers or prospects

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