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Payment Initiation

API Status: In progress
  • Global Banking
Initiate one or multiple payments, in JSON or XML format, with the ability to sign the body to pre-authorize the submitted payments. Query the Payment status

Payment Initiation APIs

  • API consumers can initiate single and bulk payment instruction using this Payment Initiation API.

  • API consumers can then retrieve the status of his previously initiated payment.

ISO20022 Format

The payload must be formatted in ISO20022 version 3 (pain.001.001.03) format, either in XML (XML tag) or in JSON (message item).

Please adapt the Content-Type header (application/xml or application/json) according to the format of your payment file.

Data content

A payment request might embed several payment instructions having

  • one single execution date or multiple execution dates

  • one single beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries

Prerequisites for all use cases

  • The Customer Corporate was provided with an access token type "Client Credentials"

  • The Customer Corporate must provide the customer certification to BNP Paribas

Payment Process

If your file is correctly formatted, the call will generate a resource {PaymentId} which will allow you to consult the status of your credit transfer, as well as the status of your instructions and transactions (PSR).

Signature PGP certificate for encryption and signature (Compliant Open PGP RFC 4880)

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