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Trying APIs via the Portal UI

The Portal provides you with an interactive documentation and the ability to test BNPP CIB APIs. 

The steps to test an API are:

  1. Follow these steps to get an API Key and Secret for your App: Get Started
  2. Browse the API catalog to identify the BNPP CIB service you want to use
  3. Read the description of the API to understand its value, what it supports and how it's protected
  4. Click on the Authorize button below the API description authorize
    • Select the scopes you want to use
    • Click on Authorize (this will hit the sandbox token endpoint with your App Client ID/Secret for you)
    • When the OAuth 2 token was successfully generated, the button change to "Logout" and "Close", click on "Closeclose
    • From that point, the UI will send automatically add the bearer token to the Authorization header
    In the popup window, select your App
  5. Select the endpoint you want to test
  6. Click on the "Try It Out" button to test it try-out
  7. Enter values in the headers, in particular the mandatory ones with a "* required" required
  8. Click on the "Execute" Button execute
  9. Check the results of your API calls

Next steps would be to test the sandbox API from your tool (e.g. Postman) to test your API.


  • After Step 4, what you enter in the Authorization header via the UI will be ignored. The UI automatically adds the bearer token to the Authorization Header for you.







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